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Maintenance of Storm Sewers

The Etna Township Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of the storm sewers (open ditches, road culverts, catch basins, and curbs and gutters) located within the public right-of-way. read more

Public Right of Way

The Road Department maintains the right-of-way in the areas of road mowing, tree trimming, storm sewers, and street signs. read more

Mowing and Tree Trimming

The Township’s mowing season starts early spring and ends late fall. It is our goal to keep the rights-of-way mowed and free of litter, which will help enhance the look of our community. The Road Department will mow or trim any right-of-way that diminishes sight distance. We also trim around obstructed signs and guardrails.

Removal of Dead Animals

If you spot a dead animal on any of the Township Roads, you may call or email the Road Department. The Road Department may remove the animal or use a substance that will help increase the rate of putrefaction and help reduce the odor. Not all roads are maintained by Etna Township; please see the list of township roads located under the heading "Whose Road Is It?" in the column to the left. For a dead animal pick up on county roadways you must call the Licking County Engineer's office at (740)670-5350 and for State Routes you will need to contact ODOT at (740) 323-4400.





Missing/Damaged Signs

Stop Sign – To report a down or missing stop sign immediately contact the Road Dept. at (740) 927-8866 or Township Hall at (740) 927-7717. After business hours contact the Licking County Sheriff’s office at the non-emergency number (740) 670-5555.

Please note, not all roads are maintained by Etna Township. For the list of township roads, see the left hand the column under “Whose Road Is It?”. For signs on county roadways you must call the Licking County Engineer's office and for State Routes you will need to contact ODOT.

Winter Season in Etna Township

During the winter season the Etna Township Road Department asks that residents prepare for the winter season by following a few of these ideas. read more

Read Etna Township's Snow Emergency Policy.

Damaged Mailboxes

Etna Township’s primary obligation is to ensure safety by keeping roadways free of snow and ice. Sometimes damage to mailboxes may be unavoidable because of their close proximity to the roadway.
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Township Road Right-of-Way Permit

Right-of-Way Statement of Indemnity

Special Hauling Permit

Reduce Load Limits

Street Tree Policy