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Recycling and Litter Prevention         

Items That We Recycle:


In these bins, you may put all your newsprint including all of the contents of your Sunday edition and magazines. Do not leave very soiled paper, such as paper plates as they attract pests and cannot be recycled.


Aluminum cans are typically used as beverage cans. Steel cans are often referred to as "tin" or "bi-metal." All cans will be accepted in these bins. To make our collection more efficient, please sort your cans by these two categories. If you’re unsure of what kind of can you have, put it to the test: a magnet will stick to a steel can, but not to an aluminum can. Please rinse all cans thoroughly so they will not spill in the bins or attract pests.


Nearly every plastic container is numbered on the bottom.
#1 plastic is commonly made into clear and green 2-liter soda bottles. All soda bottles can be mixed together when dropped-off.


#2 plastic comes in clear (such as milk jugs) and colored (such as shampoo and bleach bottles). Plastic grocery bags, although they are #2, cannot be left at the bins. Please take them back to your local supermarket for recycling.

Corrugated Cardboard/Paperboard

This will include most of your boxes. "Corrugated" consists of two flat layers of material with a wavy layer in between (such as moving/packing boxes.) "Paperboard" is flat and thin, and is used for items such as cereal boxes. As the opening to this bin will be shaped like a mail slot, break down all boxes by unsealing any flaps and pushing the box flat.











Magazines (In the green and yellow Newsprint bin only)




Children's Toys




Plastic Bags


Food Stuffs


Items from Commercial Operations


Location of Recycle Bins


The Etna Township Recycling Bins are located next to the Township Garage at 1145 South Street in Etna. The bins are clearly marked as to what type of material can be placed in them.






For more information please go to the Licking County Recycling website.