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                 Etna History

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  School History

Until 1895 only a grade school education was available in Etna Township in the six district schools. Then a two-year high school was added to the grade school in the village of Etna. In 1912 it was made a three-year high school and in 1917 it was made a four-year. Students from all over Etna Township, who wished to go onto high school, could thus come into Etna.




Etna High School (1917-1955)

A $30,000 bond issue was passed to construct the 1916 school building and then another bond issue was passed to furnish it. The walls are 16 inches thick. Students starting in the new building were thrilled with the push button lights, drinking fountains (one of the students’ chores in the country schools as carrying in drinking water), and central heating instead of coal heating stoves.




Etna High School Graduation Composites











   More History

West Licking Historical Society Dedicated in preserving our area's past through community events, photographs, workshops and seminars, genealogy, and their own published works.

The Mead-Needham Museum, Inc. is a spin off organization of the West Licking Historical Society, Inc. The Mead-Needham was created to purchase real estate in order to create a physical location in which to display local artifacts and educate the local community about the rich history of the area the Mead Needham and WLHS serve.

Licking County Historical Society Collects, preserves, and encourages preservation of all that pertains to the Social, Political, Educational, Agricultural, Industrial,and Archaeological History of Licking County.

Licking County Genealogical Society Contains information about how to contact LCGS, become a member of LCGS, how to join First Families of Licking County, Ohio, how to join Civil War Families of Licking County, information about the L.C.G.S.Pioneer Families Project, a brief description of their holdings, how to search much of our holdings, and much more.

* Facts were obtained from information provide by the West Licking Historical Society. Publications: “Preservation 2000” and “People Make the Difference”. “Histories of Etna Township and Villages of Etna and Wagram” by Astrid Pickering. Pictures were provided by West Licking Historical Society, Roger and Astrid Pickering, and Etna Alumni Association/Martha Lloyd.